Activating Easydiag 3.0: what to do in case of the firmware failure?

Activating Easydiag 3.0: what to do in case of the firmware failure?The Easydiag 3.0 adapter is Launch’s new (2018) model. In fact, the scanner model 3.0 is no different from the previous Easydiag 2.0.

The only difference claimed is an increase in scanner speed.

There also OBD 2 extension appeared which was so needed for the shorter Easydiag 2.0.

Launch closed Eobd

The most interesting news from Launch in 2018 was the closure of the free EOBD module. Its free download was closed on April 24, 2018.

This EOBD software was supplied free of charge when you purchased the scanner.

It allowed checking the engine of almost all car brands for errors. In other words, you received ELM327 but could extend the functionality by purchasing the necessary car brands.

The easiest way to tamper all brands of cars was through the EOBD. Since it has been closed, activation can be done via the Easydiag serial number or any car brand.

You can find out how to do it and which brand of car is better to buy for activation here.


Because of a new tamper resistance Easydiag 3.0 sometimes simply didn’t work even in the official software. Firmware 11.63 caused adapter failure and made impossible the contact between the scanner and the car. When firmware 11.64 came out the problem was solved and the adapter started working again.

For a proper operation of Easydiag 3.0 with Xdiag Pro3 with all brands supported it is better to use firmware 11.62.

How to check the firmware for failure

  1. The operating adapter has an audio indicator when connected to the car. 2 short “squeaks” and 1 slightly longer indicates that the firmware in the adapter is full and it works.
  2. If the adapter squeaks intermittently and does not connect there’s a good chance you can get the scanner back up and running.
  3. If the adapter does not make any sound and only 1 LED is lit you can only upgrade adapter firmware with a programmer. In this case you will have to disassemble the device and connect it as Easydiag 2.0.


You can open all car brands for Easydiag 3.0 with Xdiag Pro 3 software. It will also require a number of manipulations to tamper the protection.

To activate it you need a car. That means you need a car to connect from this list:

  1. VOLVO V43.80
  2. HONDA V46.80
  3. VW V28.41
  4. BENZ V48.90
  5. KIA V44.30
  6. AUDI V28.22
  7. OPEL V41.98
  8. GM V46.70
  9. BMW V50.00

Video: Easydiag 3.0 activation

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