Launch Creader 3001 scanner

Launch Creader 3001 scannerLaunch Creader 3001 can be compared with older Creader models 5 or 6. Like the old models, the 3001 only performs diagnostics on the engine block.

It doesn’t recognize any other car systems (automatic gearbox, airbags, ABS).

Creader 3001 functions

Creider 3001 scanner performs the following functions:

  • Reading and erasing errors via OBD II protocol;
  • Displaying engine parameters in real time (current, voltage, pressure);
  • Freeze frame;
  • Oxygen sensor test;
  • Reading VIN code;
  • Contains OBD II protocol error database with decoding;
  • Checking gasoline vapor recovery systems in the tank.

Read more about these functions and the OBD protocol in this article.

Launch Creader 3001 scannerBased on all this, we can conclude that Launch Creader 3001 has the same functions as the Elm 327 adapter running on Android or iOS.

The difference in price between Elm 327 and Launch 3001 is explained by the fact that stand-alone scanners such as 3001 are initially more expensive in production.

Summing up, we can tell that Creader 3001 is suitable for a personal use by people who do not want to clutter up their phones with extra software, and are looking for free and properly functioning programs on torrent trackers and in the Internet.

Video: Launch Creader 3001. Review

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