Overview of Launch CRP 429C scanner capabilities

Overview of Launch CRP 429C scanner capabilitiesCRP 429 is a new model from Launch. Creader line is constantly updated with new models with different features, which allows choosing a scanner exactly for your needs.

CRP 429 is not just an engine reader like Creader 3001. This is a more professional scanner for car diagnostics which will be suitable for car selection and for service stations.

The CReader designation itself stands for Code reader, and CRP stands for Code Reader Professional, which means that the device has functions that are used to operate in car service centers.

Functions and capabilities

Launch Creader 429 is a stand-alone device for which you do not need to buy anything else.

It works on the Android basis, has touch and button control.

The most remarkable thing about this scanner is that it performs car diagnostics for all electronic systems and also has a function to reset service intervals:Overview of Launch CRP 429C scanner capabilities

  • Reading and erasing OBD2 error codes;
  • Displaying real-time data from all electronic control units;
  • Freeze frame;
  • Oxygen sensor test;
  • Reading VIN code;
  • Contains OBD II error database with decoding;
  • Checking gasoline vapor recovery systems in the tank;
  • Reading and erasing errors from all electronic systems of the car (engine, automatic transmission, airbags, ABS and other systems that are installed in the car).

The device has the function of resetting the service intervals of 8 systems:

  • Oil reset (oil change reminder) – switches off the indicator on the dashboard;
  • EPB – calibration of the brake system after repair works;
  • SAS Reset – adaptation of the wheel angle sensor;
  • ABS – check and adaptation of the anti-lock braking system;
  • BMS – erase the fault data when changing the battery;
  • DPF – burning of particulate filters (regeneration);
  • IMMO – adding or deleting ignition keys from the immobilizer unit memory;
  • Injector Coding – adapting, coding the injector after changing the control unit or the injector itself.

Read more about these functions and the OBD protocol in this article.

Scanner specification

Overview of Launch CRP 429C scanner capabilitiesLaunch CRP 429 runs the Android system version 7.0. The device is equipped with a quad-core A5 processor and information is displayed on a 5-inch touch screen.

The scanner has a Wi Fi connection, which makes it possible to update the software without using a PC. Updates are free for 12 months and appear as often as those for Launch X431 V+.

Included accessories

Launch CRP 429 is supplied with accompanying cables and various accessories for a convenient scanner use:

  1. Launch CRP 429 scanner;
  2. Carton box;
  3. Nylon storage bag;
  4. OBD cable for connection to cars;
  5. USB cable for charging the scanner;
  6. Operation manual.

Video: Launch CRP429 (RUS)

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