Thinkdiag activation: old boot, new boot. Diagzone application

Thinkdiag activation: old boot, new boot. Diagzone applicationThinkcar company produce 2 options of Thinkdiag series. Thinkdiag new boot and Thinkdiag old boot.

Lets take a look whats different with this two adapters.

Thinkdiag old boot

Thinkdiag old boot possible activate in Diagzone application. Activation all cars in Diagzone app gives all functions from Launch X431 pro3.

There is activation for cars, electric vehicles, trucks (for connection to truck need converter from 24v to 12v).

Advantage activation in Diagzone app

Thinkdiag activation: old boot, new boot. Diagzone applicationActivation thinkdiag in diagzone application 2 years. When your subscribe expired you still can download and do diagnosis cars. In download button you can loading different car versions.

It is great options because different version has different functions. When you got some troubles with diagnosis or special functions, you can loading different versions and try again.

Also, Diagzone offer activation without online update. You get same cars, same functions but don’t have online update. And, when you buy activation without update you still can loading cars. It’s a great deal.

Limitations activation in Diagzone app

Activation possible for android only. You can not use apple. You should buy tablet or phone wit android version from 9 or higher. Internal storage 32 gb or you can use SD card.

Thinkdiag New boot

Thinkdiag activation: old boot, new boot. Diagzone applicationThinkdiag new boot possible use in official application thinkdiag+ only.

For activation this device for Diagozne need open it and resoldering chip.

Advantage activation in Thinkdiag+

Thinkdiag official application can works on android and IOS. Application available in play market and app store.

Often, thinkdiag new boot selling with all cars for 1 or 2 years update already.

 Limitations activation in Thinkdiag+

When you subscribe expired in official application you can not use device. Every expired date subscribe you should buy update and then you can use it adapter again.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
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Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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