Truck adapters for Easydiag

Truck adapters for EasydiagYou can activate Launch adapters not only for all cars, but also for all trucks from Launch Heavy Duty scanner.

Since all adapters are designed for 12 V, a 24 V adapter is required to use the truck diagnostics.

You can make this adapter yourself or order it on Aliexpress.

Easydiag 24 V adapter options

Truck adapters for EasydiagThere are 3 options of 24 V truck adapter to Easydiag and other Launch adapters. These are the official Launch Heavy Duty, an unofficial adapter and a homemade one.

Let’s consider each adapter option in more detail.

Official Launch Heavy Duty

When you buy Launch Heavy Duty, you get all the adapters for trucks, the 24 V converter itself, and a storage case. Software for all trucks with online updates is also included.

The adapter has its own serial number and activation code.

All such set costs starting from 700 USD on Aliexpress.

Unofficial 24 V truck adapter

Truck adapters for EasydiagUnofficial adapter does not have all this. No adapters are needed for new trucks.

Software for trucks is purchased separately (on average, starting from 65 USD with 1 year of updates).

In the end, you can get the same, but without adapters to old trucks starting from 140 USD.

Homemade adapter

When making a 24 V adapter yourself, you only need to buy the software, and of course, to assemble the adapter itself.Truck adapters for Easydiag


Most car service centers use unofficial software.

If there is a need for a multi-brand truck scanner, you can buy an unofficial adapter and carry out transport diagnostics in the Xdiag Pro3 software.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
WhatsApp/Viber: +79319763996 (rus, eng)

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