Launch Easydiag 3.0 clones

Production of Easydiag 3.0 is long over. And now there are fewer and fewer adapters that can be activated for all car brands. One of them is launch Golo CarCare.

Although Launch easydiag 3.0 has been discontinued, production of clones still continues. What can happen if you buy an adapter like this?

All clones have serial numbers of official devices. That means that on and the same serial number was assigned to a few dozen of adapters. It turns out that they work with the same set of car brands.

We remind you that officially each serial number had its own car brands, and the car brands will not work with another serial number.

If it is revealed that several adapters are using the same serial number, the software on all adapters with this number is blocked. Once locked, you will not be able to download car brands – updates will not be available anymore.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
WhatsApp/Viber: +79319763996 (rus, eng)

Video: Easydiag 3.0, Activation

Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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