Purchase of a used Scanner: How do I buy a used EasyDiag?

Purchase of a used Scanner: How do I buy a used EasyDiag?Easydiag 3.0 is the 3rd generation of Launch adapters that are designed for a personal use.

A car enthusiast can check the errors on all electronic units of the car himself and see the data in real time.

Even the first generation of Easydiag 1.0 adapters has been cracked making available all car brands and enabling extended functions. With this activation a simple adapter turned into a full-fledged diagnostic scanner for car care centers.

Launch knew about this weakness and did all sorts of protection and raised the retail price. So even used Easydiags are quite expensive. In this article we will consider what to pay attention to when purchasing a used Easydiag 3.0.

How to buy a used scanner and check it before buying?

Purchase of a used Scanner: How do I buy a used EasyDiag?When buying a used Easydiag 3.0, please ask the seller if the scanner has already been registered.

If the scanner is already registered, please check the login details for the Easydiag software. Download the Easydiag software to your phone in advance.

Type a username and password provided by the seller.

Then click “Personal center” – there you will see “My connector” section. Go there and check if the serial numbers of the software and of the adapter match.

Go to “Updates” from the main menu – there you will see the car brands available for download, if they were purchased by the previous owner.

If Easydiag was previously registered, it CANNOT BE REGISTERED the second time! 

If the seller assures that the device is not registered, the registration process is best to be done on site with the device. You can also look at the box to see what version you’re buying.

These scanners are available in 2 versions: Easydiag 3.0 and Easydiag 3.0 Plus.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
Email: jdarscht7@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Viber: +79319763996 (rus, eng)

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  1. Robert Locher

    I want to buy an Easydiag 3+ and all brands. Is it possible to pay with PayPal and how much does it cost in euros? Is the software x-dig431 pro in German.

    Kind regards

    1. admin (author)

      Hello. Possible by paypal or western union. But i don’t know how post can deliver it quickly

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