Launch Easydiag: what are the analogues?

Launch Easydiag: what are the analogues?Launch Easydiag was created as a diagnostic device for personal use. In the official version, the scanner has limited functionality. This is convenient for the car enthusiast, as there is no unnecessary information and it is almost impossible to damage the car.

Autel has Easydiag analogues with the same functions, but they work as standalone devices, that is not via the phone.

Analogue to activate all brands

Launch Easydiag: what are the analogues?
dbscar connectors

To access all brands and extend the Easydiag functions, you can find analogues from Launch itself. These are devices such as idiag, golo easydiag, mdiag, and other dbscar connectors. Most of them have already ceased to be produced, and the new Easydiag 3.0 model has come to replace it.

It should be remembered that activation of a new Easydiag analogue requires the same license file from the module’s DBMS as in previous versions.

EOBD is only available in Easydiag 3.0 after the purchase of 1 car brand for $50; Easydiag 3.0 Plus already has this module and 2 car brands free of charge.

Launch also produces such devices as Ezcheck. Though they are similar to Easydiag analogues, but you can’t activate them for all brands. These devices have a different hardware and even in the original version only perform engine diagnostics like cheap ELM327.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
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Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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