Autel ap200 scanner functions and the possibility to access all brands

Chinese producer of diagnostic scanners for Autel cars has been always competing with Launch. Despite the fact that Autel is younger than Launch, it has always tried to produce advanced scanners for car diagnostics. Finally, they released adapters like Launch for personal use – this is Autel AP200.


Autel AP200, unlike Autel PU600, has received a full list of service interval resets, increased Bluetooth speeds, and compatibility with iPhone.

Free EOBD software modules are supplied with the adapter, as well as demo and all resets of service intervals.

Some commonly used special reset services are listed for reference:

  • Oil reset – resets the engine oil service life system which calculates the optimum oil service life cycle interval depending on the driving conditions and climate;
  • EPB reset – electronic braking system support. Deactivates and activates the brake control system after a disk or block change, etc;
  • BMS reset – check the battery charge status, check the short-circuit current, activate the battery after its replacement;
  • SAS reset – calibration for the steering angle sensor, which permanently stores the current position of the steering wheel as a direct position in the EEPROM sensor.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system reset – view the tire sensor IDs from the car’s ECU, as well as replacement of TPMS and sensor test.
  • IMMO – erasing the lost key from the immobilizer unit memory, as well as programming new keys;
  • DPF regeneration – controls DPF regeneration, replacement of DPF teach-in and its components.

Activation of all car brands

In the official software, the price per brand is only $15.99 (Android devices) or $21.99 (iOS devices). The software supports 13 languages. It is a very profitable option for personal use, but there is an option to make autel AP200 working for all brands. We will write about activation of all brands in the next article.

If you have any questions about purchasing equipment and activating scanners, write here:
WhatsApp/Viber: +79319763996 (rus, eng)

Video: Registration Autel AP200 (RUS)

Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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