Launch X431 Pro Mini – new model from professional series

Launch X431 Pro Mini – new model from professional seriesLaunch X431 Pro is a professional scanner to the value of about $1,000. The Pro line was designed specifically for use in car workshops.

The kit included the original Launch tablet with a rubberized cover, the connection adapter itself and all car brands available for download on the tablet.

There were several modifications of this series, but now a new Launch X431 Pro Mini model is available. The Android-based scanner performs diagnostics on all electronic car control units and resets service intervals.

The scanner complete set includes:

  1. Android tablet with a cover;
  2. Adapter for connection to the car via Bluetooth;
  3. Set of adapters for diagnostic connectors of old cars;
  4. Envelope with scanner activation code;
  5. Operation manual and documents;
  6. Storage case.Launch X431 Pro Mini – new model from professional series

The car brands are available for download on your tablet after registration. Downloading occurs via the Internet and updates can be downloaded within 2 years.

Launch X431 Pro Mini has collected full Launch functionality for working with cars. Pro Mini is more functional than CRP 429 or even Diagun 4. In addition to diagnostics, the scanner resets service intervals; the list of resets can be found here.

Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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