Launch has released a new Diagun IV x431 model

Launch has released a new Diagun IV x431 modelThe proven Diagun 2 and 3 were replaced with the new 4th generation Diagun IV.

The scanner is delivered in a plastic suitcase, there are no adapters for old cars and you will have to buy them separately, if required.

Along with the scanner there is an envelope with registration data.

The device can only be registered once. So after registration save the login and password that you will create when registering the device.

You can register and activate the scanner right on your tablet; it will be more convenient and faster than doing it on the official website. An OBD extension cord and charger are also included.

A worthy device for its price. Buying an official device with official updates at a discount price of 600 USD is a very good offer.

Launch has released a new Diagun IV x431 model

Now the software with all brands works on the tablet with Android version 7.

It has a comfortable protective rubberized cover. It has a socket for storing the connector itself, which is very important for car service centers, which often leave the adapters in customers’ cars.

Unlike Pro 3, Diagun 4 and pro Mini have no odometer function. But you have to understand that most cars are corrected through the dashboard, so Diagun 4 owners may not get too upset.

In addition to diagnostics, Diagun 4 resets service intervals; the list of resets can be found here.

Video: Launch Diagun IV (RUS)

Diagnostic car software: Launch Golo, Easydiag, Thinkdiag. Activation online
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